Simply the Quest

Simply the Quest

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Maz Evans



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Chicken House Ltd




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The second book in the hilarious bestselling WHO LET THE GODS OUT series; perfect for fans of David Solomons!'I totally fell in love with Elliot and the gods, and I think you're all going to love them too.' ROBIN STEVENS on book 1 'One of the funniest new voices in children's literature. The laughs come thick and fast' DAVID SOLOMONS on book 1Elliot Hooper's troubles are far from over: his mum's health worsens, he's struggling at school, and a bunch of anarchic Greek immortals have moved into his home - including teen goddess Virgo, who's in trouble with the Zodiac. What's more, death-daemon Thanatos and his scary mum are at large. As even more immortal allies and enemies emerge, Virgo and Elliot must learn how to be heroes ...Can't wait to read Elliot's next adventure? Check out book 3, BEYOND THE ODYSSEY!



Simply the Quest is Maz Evans's second book in her marvellous middle grade series and follows the success of last year's Who Let the Gods Out. As before, Maz Evans writes with bags of charisma and knows how to engage her readers. 12-year-old Elliott is back at home living with several Greek Gods and the newly mortal Virgo. Pressure is mounting to find the remaining chaos stones before the dreaded Thanatos. This is hero territory and there are adventures to be had! Alongside this, Elliott is caring for his mum who continues to be unwell. We also see the introduction of contact with dad, who has been absent for ten years. When it comes to storytelling, Maz Evans is an expert mixologist. She mingles Ancient Greek Gods with the modern life of a thirteen year old boy; blends brilliantly funny content with sometimes heart-wrenching depth of feeling. Together they make each other even better. I would recommend upper key stage two teachers explore the humour around the Gods in Simply the Quest through art. Art and parody have a long history and there are many examples online of famous artworks that have been given a modern day twist. Looking at classic sculpture of Greek Gods and comparing with Maz Evans's less traditional written descriptions is a great way of developing talk around a class reader. Children could go on to develop modern day versions of the Gods in Simply the Quest or they could create their own. Following a process from discussion to drawing to sculpting of a final piece can then lead into written work, stop frame animation or drama quite easily. Simply the Quest is a great book that opens up many possibilities for its audience. A wonderful and memorable read. 368 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Beccy Judge.

Suggested Reading Age 9+


After reading Who Let the Gods Out? earlier this year I thought it was easily the funniest book I had read in a long time. I eagerly awaited the release of Simply the Quest hoping that 'writer of the Gods' Maz Evans could live up to her previous 'celestial tome', and BOSH. What a read! As funny, if not more so; Maz Evans has succeeded in creating a second book that is guaranteed to make you chuckle, keep you turning the pages, while also touching on the sensitive subject of a child caring for a parent with dementia. In Simply the Quest Elliot Hooper, aided and also often hindered by his Greek Immortal friends; Virgo, Zeus, Hermes and pals, is continuing his search for the Chaos Stones. These stones hold great power but if they should fall into the wrong hands, such as those of Thanatos, The Daemon of Death then it could mean the end of things for everyone. Daily life is anything but ordinary for Elliot as he tries to look after his Mum, without creating suspicion at school that all is not well at home. The last thing Elliot needs is the involvement of the school welfare officer. Needless to say with Virgo 'working undercover' as Elliot's cousin Anna, things do not always go as planned, particularly when Mr Boil the school's history teacher seems to have it in for Elliot. A thoroughly enjoyable read, ideal for those children who are able to read independently but have yet to fully appreciate the treasures held within the pages a book. Simply the Quest would make a fab class read for any Primary class, particularly those studying the Ancient Greeks and mythology, providing lots to discuss both at whole class or guided group level. Simply the Quest is simply the best! 368 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Samantha Phillips

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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