Stella and the Seagull

Stella and the Seagull

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Georgina Stevens, Izzy Burton



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Oxford University Press




Paperback / softback




Spurred into action when her seagull friend gets poorly from eating plastic, young Stella is soon on a campaign for change. A beach clean up and plastic straw ban sparks her whole community into action and soon Stella is making a big impact. And it's not long before the little seagull and all its animal friends can live in a better environment.

Reading Notes for Stella and the Seagull

Geogina Stevens reads from Stella and the Seagull



This is an absolutely delightful book to start a discussion about a number of current issues. Stella is a little girl who befriends a seagull and is then horrified to find it injured by litter on the beach. With her Grandma's help, she organises a community beach clean up which prompts a chocolate bar company to change its packaging and inspires local business to be more sustainable. The text is clear, thoughtful and engaging and the illustrations show an inclusive and responsible close-knit community.

Stella and the Seagull is perfect to inspire children aged 5-8 to make a difference and shows you're never too young to be a force for good. It also sensitively introduces issues such as pollution, single-use plastics, wildlife welfare and personal responsibility. This is a book that will be used regularly in my school to support all these topics in a positive way.

Picture book / Reviewed by Wendy Kelly, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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