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Maurice is different from the other dragons. He isn't very scary, and he doesn't like to breathe fire or snarl or growl. In fact, what Maurice loves most in the world is flowers! But will the others ever accept him for who he really is?  

A beautiful story about being the odd one out, and all the different ways to be brave.  Clara Anganuzzi's vibrant and enchanting artwork takes little readers on a journey to a world of dragons, magic and self acceptance. Gently introduce your little one to the idea that it's okay to be different with this beautiful book.



Strong is a book that is sure to become a favourite with adults and children alike. It has such a strong message that everyone has a value and a way to help. Differences should be celebrated. This is a message that is promoted in all environments and all walks of life.

The illustrations are clear, unfussy and beautiful. I would happily frame them and put them on a child's wall. They add to the charm of the story.

I have recommended this book to be used in our school in the first week of September for book week. It will be a fantastic conversation starter for all age groups and will appeal to all genders. I look forward to hearing the ways in which the children think that they are a bit like Maurice. These discussions would be just as valuable in a pre school setting or as a bedtime story. A definite new favourite.

Picture book / Reviewed by Amanda, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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