Super Cats

Super Cats

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Gwyneth Rees, Becka Moor



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Bloomsbury Publishing PLC




Paperback / softback



Tagg, the handsome young tabby cat, believes he has been born into a normal family, adventurous but ordinary. The day his mother reveals that the family has super feline powers, his life is thrown into crime fighting chaos. Tagg's mother Melody has super claws, his father has super strength and his uncle, Wild Bill, has super sharp teeth; but Tagg himself has yet to discover what his super ability will be. Just one kitten in very litter is gifted and young Tagg is eager to experience some of the crime fighting capers of his parents' younger days. When super cat Glamour arrives at Tagg's home, with her young kitten Sugarfoot in tow, desperate for help, Tagg's family leap into action. Tagg is curious and eager to investigate the mysterious goings on; if there are super cats, there must also be super villains. Tagg learns that once upon a time the super cats were organised and sent on missions but those days have passed and now super cats are going missing. Together, Tagg and Sugarfoot team up and follow their parents as they try to determine who might be responsible for the latest series of crimes. This super-powered adventure takes Tagg and Sugarfoot to kitty concerts, feline gangster dens and finally into the lair of Nemesissy Lilac Masquerade, the most powerful of the super cats. Facing up to ruthless and dangerous super villains may be just a stretch too far for the young kittens, whose super powers have yet to emerge, but when your family is in trouble, there's nothing Tagg and Sugarfoot won't do to help keep them safe. Super Cats is a fast paced super kitty adventure. Everyone loves a super hero origin story and this clever tale is purr-fect for kitty cat lovers. An engaging plot and clever characters will hold readers' attention and pull them through the story. High quality illustrations by Becka Moor bring the story to life, adding humour and a depth of understanding for character action and behaviour. The strong superhero story line will be loved, not only by fans of animal stories, but by young superhero fans. 176 pages / Ages 7+ / Reviewed by Emily Beale, librarian

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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