Supertato: Eviltato vs Superpea: A brand-new adventure in the blockbuster series!

Supertato: Eviltato vs Superpea: A brand-new adventure in the blockbuster series!

By Author / Illustrator

Sue Hendra, Paul Linnet


Funny Stories

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Simon & Schuster Ltd




Paperback / softback




Look out for the next THRILLING adventure in this super bestselling series!    It's night-time in the supermarket and the veggies are in for the shock of their lives! Supertato's gone BAD!  And if Supertato is now EVILTATO, just what does that mean for The Evil Pea...?

Prepare for the supermarket switcheroo that will change EVERYTHING!  Supertato is now a CBeebies TV show!

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The veggies are reading their favourite comic books at night in the supermarket when they find an advertisement for a kit to turn them more bad or good. What follows is a funny tale of role reversal for Supatato and evil pea which leads to some crazy supermarket antics!

Supertato: Eviltato vs Superpea is a great book full of laughs that is enjoyable to read for both the child and the reader. It's really fun to read in a comic book type of way which adds to the comedy factor. My daughter is loving reading this book and likes to talk through what is going on, especially when there is the big parcel mix-up and Supatato goes bad! A great book that shows the power of teamwork and friendship.

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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