Ten Ways to Build a Brilliant Brain

Ten Ways to Build a Brilliant Brain

By Author / Illustrator

Nicola Morgan, illus Risa Rodil


Personal Growth

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Walker Books Ltd




Paperback / softback




A fun and practical guide to making your brain brilliant, from well-being expert Nicola Morgan.

Build a brilliant brain with this fun and practical guide for young people from award-winning well-being expert Nicola Morgan. From the benefits of the right food, sleep and exercise, to how be creative, curious and resilient, discover the incredible science and top advice to make your brain the best it can be. Packed with fascinating facts and brain boosting activities, this illustrated guide gives you the power to build your brilliant brain!

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Written as ten chapters, plus an overview, Ten Ways to Build a Brilliant Brain introduces the reader to this complex organ and then lays out ten pieces of advice on making the most of it. This includes facts about the brain, ways to improve your mood and mental stamina, and answers to questions that Nicola Morgan has been asked in real life by curious young people.

There's a quiz at the end of every chapter, activities and a glossary to keep the audience engaged while absorbing the easy-to-digest information and the illustrations by Risa Rodil, which complement the text in a calming monochromatic blue.

Unsurprisingly, a particular favourite chapter is '9: Love Books', which presents a list of benefits reading brings to the brain, a well-balanced discussion on the pros and cons of reading on screen and advice on enjoying books more as well as finding the right read for you.

Ten Ways to Build a Brilliant Brain is a book for children from 8+ to adults alike. While it would appeal most to those who enjoy non-fiction reads, this well-being guide should be shared far and wide to ensure that all brains are the best they can be!

176 pages / Reviewed by Rhiannon Cook, school librarian.

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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