The Allotmenteers

The Allotmenteers

By Author / Illustrator

Theo Moore


Social Issues

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Ragged Bears




Paperback / softback





The Allotmenteers is a sweet young fiction story about the Brown family who work together to not only help grow vegetables for their neighbours, but also help sort out all their problems and look after the local community. When Sally and Tom decide to help me Mum out by taking over the allotment when she goes back to work, their whole life changes and those closest to them.

I liked that each chapter had a different story and problem for the Brown children to solve as well as recipes and growing tips to match alongside the chapter you are reading. Each chapter was like a separate story that fit together well and felt like a little collection put together.

The story is full of meaningful life lessons and help for young children and there are even pages of charities at the back of the book to help with the issues addressed, particularly homelessness. The illustrations by Sarah Van Dongen are beautiful and fit the book perfectly.

I think this a great 'life lesson' book full of charm and is a very sweet read.

48 pages/ Reviewed by Lauren Maidman, class teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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