The Attack of the Robot Librarians

The Attack of the Robot Librarians

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Sam Copeland, Jenny Pearson, Robin Boyden, Katie Kear


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Penguin Random House Children's UK




Paperback / softback




It's a new year at Little Strangehaven Primary but things are just as weird as last term . . .  Who put laser-eyed robot librarians in charge of class discipline? What's with the new pedal-powered desks? And what does it all have to do with the mysterious goings-on in the cellar?

Spy-detectives Tuchus and Topps reckon it's got to be something to do with Pamela Stranglebum and her sinister company, Minerva Industries. With the help of their Scottish gargoyle chum Gregor, can Lenny and Agatha uncover the truth before it's too late . . .?

See Book 1: The Underpants of Chaos



The dynamic duo of Agatha Topps and Lenny Tuchus are at it again in The Attack of the Robot Librarians. Something has to be done about the robot librarians! Choosing books for children to read is one thing, but flying about the school and controlling children's behaviour is another thing entirely.  Plus Pamela Stranglebum, the woman who introduced them to the school in the first place, has introduced Pedal Pods to each classroom; every child has to learn whilst pedalling and Little Strangehaven Primary is to be the first school to be powered by pedal-power...

Agatha, who can pedal fast, is topping the leaderboard, but for Lenny, whose dad hadn't taught him how to ride a bike, just staying off the bottom of the leaderboard is a challenge. And when Ernie, in their class, is mysteriously removed for coming last in the pedal challenge, things began to get really serious, because Lenny is only just above him on the leaderboard....

Sam Copeland and Jenny Pearson's The Attack of the Robot Librarians is another madcap adventure hot on the heels of their first book: The Underpants of Chaos. The dual narrative hilariously flits between the very different characters of Agatha and Lenny, allowing the reader to see that each event can be perceived in completely different ways, depending on who is telling it. Recurring jokes and phrases, along with the physical gags, will have children snorting with laughter. Another joyous read.

Curriculum links: friendship, determination, teamwork, families, belief and trust.

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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