The Bear, the Book and the Blanket

The Bear, the Book and the Blanket

By Author / Illustrator

Lou Peacock, illus Ged Adamson


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A sweet and comical story about the three things a baby needs for the perfect bedtime!  

What do you need for the perfect bedtime? A beloved bear, book and blanket, of course! Join in the fun with ten enthusiastic and energetic bunnies as they try to find the special things Baby needs to settle down to sleep. Oh - and don't forget the all-important goodnight kiss, too!

This cosy and gentle story is the perfect book for reading together to help little ones wind down before they go to bed.

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The Bear, the Book and the Blanket is a sweet picture book about getting baby settled and ready for bed where ten cute bunnies help to find the three necessary things baby needs for bedtime. The book is written as if you are talking to the bunnies directly, asking them for help to find what baby needs.

My daughter loved going back to the page with the bunnies names and then finding the individual bunny on the current page and describing what they were doing. It's a lovely book to read at bedtime, and my daughter likes to find her three things, 'bear, book, and blanket', along with the bunnies as we read through the book.

Picture book / Reviewed by Jo Thomas

Suggested Reading Age 0+


As parents we have all been there; it is baby's bedtime and all of the comforters are missing! Where is bear, their book and their blanket?  Nothing can be cuter than ten blue bunnies helping with the bedtime routine.

The Bear, the Book and the Blanket's simple text is embellished with lively illustrations on every page. We had great fun spotting what the bunnies were doing and where cheeky Bobbie is all the way through.

This book could be used in EYFS linked to routines and asking what children do at bedtime. It could be used in PSHME when looking at facial expressions and reading how others are feeling, as each of the bunnies has clear body language; discussions about why they are feeling that way can also be quite interesting.

This is a wonderful story aimed at the very young child using familiar things in a fun way. Another wonderful book by a talented author. Well done Lou.

Picture book / Reviewed by Amanda Shipton, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 0+


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