The Bolds in Trouble

The Bolds in Trouble

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Julian Clary, David Roberts



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The Bolds are back for another hilarious tale!This time, Teddington's wildest family have decided to stay at home and keep their heads down - it isn't always easy hiding tails and fur under clothes, and it's important not to raise suspicion amongst their human neighbours. But trouble soon comes skulking when a very sly fox starts making a big nuisance of himself. It's up to the Bolds to try and stop him - but the solution has them foxed...



Told with Julian Clary's distinctive warmth and affection, The Bolds in Trouble is a very enjoyable romp with a clear message about the human impact on nature and consideration for the world's animals. In this wonderfully silly story, the Bolds hit a snag: there's a wild - and not especially nice - fox on the loose in Fairfield Road, threatening the family's way of life. While they try to keep their secret (that they are not really humans but animals in disguise), the fox in question is stealing food from the neighbours and suspicion quickly mounts! There are some challenging themes in this book, aimed at it is for a 5-8 audience, but the seriousness is broken up by many of Mr. Bold's hilarious jokes, an element of the book that all children will enjoy and which gives the series a unique selling point. As a first time reader of The Bolds, there were a few things that were not my cup of tea. Firstly, I was quite distracted by some words on each page highlighted in different fonts for no reason that I could discern. Also, I found the way that the character of Miranda the marmoset monkey spoke - in a sort of baby voice - quite grating at times. Finally, the narrator's voice frequently interjects which I found both took me out of the story and broke up the narrative, but not in a good way. That said, I adored the illustrations by David Roberts. He really brings the whole book to life and his representation of Miss Paulina, the rather saintly otter, was an absolute highlight. A fun family read. 298 pages / Ages 7-9 years / Reviewed by Rhiannon Cook, School Librarian.

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