The Book Cat

The Book Cat

By Author / Illustrator

Polly Faber, Clara Vulliamy (Illustrator)


Historical Fiction

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Faber & Faber








This is a classic wartime tale of a (real!) cat who made his home at the Faber offices and decided he'd never leave. 'This time we need to get you - get all of the kittens, safe out of London,' said Morgan decisively... 'To have a chance for a better life, well, let's just say, I've got an idea.'

Morgan is a young orphan who lives off scavenging - until he finds a cosy home at a famous London publishing house. Over time he learns a trade - and soon becomes the very best book cat in the business. And then the Blitz begins. Morgan finds himself training up twenty odd kittens to be book cats, and then there is the small matter of secretly evacuating them out of London. Happily, Morgan has a plan.

Set in war-torn London, charmingly illustrated, and full of heart and verve. 'Charming.' Sunday Times 'A sweet feline twist on the classic evacuee story.' The Guardian 'A delightful book.' Books for Keeps



The Book Cat is an interesting story about a group of kittens who live in London during the Blitz! This book is well-written with very attractive illustrations. It is split into short chapters which are manageable for young readers. The text is spaced clearly throughout the book and is well-balanced with a mixture of illustrations.

The story begins with the Blitz in 1940 when Morgan the kitten is born in a train station on the Piccadilly line. It follows him as he grows up and begins to test his nine lives across his adventures! This is a great fictional source for younger children to learn some factual information about a key event in British history. The story references many key features of life in the Blitz which may help to spark children's interest into asking further questions about the time. e.g. Anderson shelters, bomb explosions and children moving out to the countryside to seek refuge.

I would enjoy reading The Book Cat as part of story time in my classroom at any time, but particularly when learning about the key events that shaped our country.

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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