The Broken Leg of Doom

The Broken Leg of Doom

By Author / Illustrator

Pamela Butchart, Thomas Flintham


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Hilarious, illustrated school-based antics where everything that happens leads to DRAMA and RUNNING AROUND and even some FAINTING! When a session of extreme dancing leaves Maisie in hospital with a broken leg, things take a turn for the weird! Strange noises in the ward at night, missing cuddly toys and a sandwich trolley that only ever has TUNA sandwiches. Could Maisie's leg be CURSED? If it is, and it DEFINITELY IS, then everything is DOOMED!Laugh-out-loud fun from Blue Peter Award winners Pamela Butchart and Thomas Flintham.

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The Broken leg of Doom is another hilarious, laugh out loud adventure with Izzy and her friends from fabulous author Pamela Butchart and illustrator Thomas Flintham .

A session of extreme dancing has left poor Maisie being rushed to hospital with a broken leg - but there is no peaceful hospital rest for her! Izzy, Jodie and Zach are along for the ride, of course, so there is drama , chaos, screaming and fainting all around.

It also appears, at this hospital, strange things are afoot (that's as well as Maisie's HUGE leg cast!) There are odd noises, missing whales, suspicious tuna sandwiches, bandages aplenty and - a cursed leg cast in Ward 13! Fellow feather-hat-wearing, regular, inpatient Seb reckons he has the lowdown on the curses and a way of stopping the whole gang from being DOOMED . So, is there an ancient Eygptian mummy entombed in the basement? Or is the culprit very much alive and even closer to the cursed cast?

The story is packed full of funny, outlandish scenarios and brilliant (or possibly terrible!) plans. It is a fast and frenzied, joyous adventure with brilliantly engaging illustrations and layout by Thomas Flintham.

I love the dynamics of this trouble-attracting gang and new boy Seb fits in beautifully with the quirky and wonderful personalities of all of them. The characters are so warmly written by Pamela Butchart and so quickly taken to the hearts of her readers. (Fans of the series will love the Gary Petrie appearance!)

Crazy, chaotic and calamitous - a real pick-me-up, riotous read!

272 pages / Ages 7+ / Reviewed by Jenny Caddick, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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