The Deadlands: Trapped

The Deadlands: Trapped

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Skye Melki-Wegner



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Walker Books Ltd




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Battle rages on for the surviving dinosaurs in the second thrilling book in The Deadlands series.  Hunted across the Salted Scorch by a vicious pack of raptors, Eleri and his friends become lost in the Fire Peak: the secret volcanic headquarters of the dreaded Carrion Kingdom. And they are not the only herbivores trapped within the enemy's lair.   Can the outcasts free a larder of prisoners and gather proof that the war is a lie ... without becoming food themselves?

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Skye Melki-Wegner introduces The Deadlands: Hunted



The Deadlands: Trapped is the second book in the Deadlands series from Skye Melki-Wegner and the action-packed thrill ride immediately leaps back into full force where the first book ended. After reading the first book, The Deadlands: Hunted, I was excited and intrigued to read the next episode as are many of the children in school. Although I have read the books in order, it is not essential as the opening chapters set the scene brilliantly.

The story continues with Eleri and the band of exiled Dinosaur outcasts. In this story, Eleri and his friends continue evading the feared raptors but become lost in the secret volcano headquarters, Fire Peak. However, whilst trapped in the enemy's lair, their surprising discovery and revealing information presents Eleri and his friends with many questions and problems to resolve; will they escape, and who can they save?

This series has hooked, engaged and changed several reluctant readers in our school. They lap up the story with a real sense of enjoyment and reading for pleasure. Two of the great selling points of this series are the action-packed, ever-changing plot, and the brilliant characterisation, but there is so much more to celebrate. The shorter chapters also make this book ideal for a class read and/or for guided reading sessions.

I would highly recommend The Deadlands: Trapped as well as the whole series for children aged eight plus (Year 4+). The series is perfect for children who love endless action and a fast-paced read! I am positive many children are going to enjoy diving into this series.

304 pages / Reviewed by Nathan Cox, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


I enjoyed this sequel as much as, if not more than, the first book Deadlands: Hunted. In The Deadlands: Trapped, the author skilfully develops the characters and the plot, forever adding new and surprising features.

So, the band of exiles (Eleri, Tortha, Zyre, Leriton & Sorielle), who still have to overcome mistrust and differences of opinion, journey on from their previous victory, seeking safety from the carnivores and their allies. Among the latter, shockingly, are those from Zyre's family, chief among them the Scorched Lords. It's fascinating to watch how Zyre copes with this revelation, how hopes are raised then dashed, how each member of the herd relates to, and uniquely helps, the others. And, of course, we are left eagerly awaiting the next instalment, for surely the story must continue. I hope so.

The Deadlands: Trapped is an exciting read for Year 4s and above; much more than just an adventure story full of charismatic dinosaurs. Personally, I found it quite moving in places (see p. 212). We find ourselves relating to these creatures and wondering what we might have done when faced with betrayal, opportunity and danger.

304 pages / Reviewed by Jane Rew, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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