The Hotel for Bugs

The Hotel for Bugs

By Author / Illustrator

Suzy Senior, illus Leire Martin


Representation & Inclusion

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Little Tiger Press Group








A joyously fun story about tolerance, embracing difference and speaking out against injustices from the wonderfully talented team behind Unicorn Club.

The crowd started clapping and then with an 'OOOH!'
They peeked through the entrance to get the first view
Of huge bouncy sofas and soft, mossy rugs
In the brand new and fabulous HOTEL FOR BUGS!

It's the grand opening of the Hotel for Bugs complete with a buffet, pool and spa - the ideal place for bugs to go on holiday. Then a SLUG turns up . . . He's much too squishy and slimy and is NOT welcome at the Hotel for Bugs. Until a small bug speaks up. A slug is no weirder than a dung beetle rolling poo or a butterfly tasting with its feet. Everybody should be welcome at the brand new and fabulous HOTEL FOR ALL!

With detailed illustrations there is plenty for bug-finders big and small to spot in this beautiful, laugh-out-loud and inclusive book. Perfect for fans of First Day at Bug School, Julia Donaldson's The Woolly Bear Caterpillar and Omar, The Bees and Me..



The Hotel for Bugs is already to receive it's first guests when horror of horrors, a slug tries to check-in! The story unfolds as a small bug delivers a wonderful tale of being different and the importance of inclusion for all.   Through the delightful characters littered throughout the pages, readers can also pick up on some great bug facts - did you know woodlouse blood is pale blue?

Many children enjoy creating bug hotels so this is a brilliant book to read alongside the planning and building of any bug hotel; how would one include a spa I wonder?  In the classroom this book could also be used for exploring adjectives and adverbial phrase with older children, as well as alternative phoneme spellings as the whole book is cleverly written in rhyme.

Picture Book / Reviewed by Lynnette, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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