The Midnight Visitor (Museum Kittens)

The Midnight Visitor (Museum Kittens)

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Holly Webb, Sarah Lodge



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Little Tiger Press Group




Paperback / softback




Brave, clever and never more than a whisker away from adventure! When the museum's visitors are gone for the day, it's time for the cats to come out and play...  One stormy night a little black kitten appears on the museum steps. Tabby cat Tasha is delighted to show Peter the museum's passageways and secret corners but the other cats aren't as keen to welcome the new arrival. Determined to prove that Peter is just as much of a museum cat as any of the others, Tasha takes him on a rat hunt. But the pair's quest almost ends in disaster when they find themselves in the Dinosaur Gallery, with its famous T-Rex skeleton...

The first in a charming new series from Holly Webb. Purr-fect for fans of the OTTOLINE books and THE ROYAL RABBITS OF LONDON.



The Midnight Visitor (Museum Kittens) is an exciting new series for developing readers, with cats, rats and dinosaur galleries!

Tasha the cat lives in the museum with her brother and sister, Bianca and Boris, as well as lots of other 'museum cats'. One night as they are trying to sleep, another cat appears at the museum door looking skinny and bedraggled in the rain. With him, he brings a tiny, little kitten named Peter.

As Tasha shows Peter the museum and they begin to explore, they find themselves getting up to all sorts of mischief. They share their tales of being chased by nasty dogs, confronted by terrifying rats and their truths about never having caught any rats or mice themselves! As the kittens begin to bond, they continue on their adventures around the museum but Boris, Tasha's brother, isn't too welcoming of the new visitor.

The Midnight Visitor is a good early chapter book for young readers who are just beginning to build their stamina and move away from picture books. It has twelve chapters, each are a good length using relatively large, accessible text. It also includes a good range of vocabulary to test young readers phonics' skills and expand on their knowledge of descriptive language to use in their own writing.

160 pages / Ages 7+ / Reviewed by Lucy Newton, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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