The Polka Dot Shop

The Polka Dot Shop

By Author / Illustrator

Laurel Remington



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Chicken House Ltd




Paperback / softback




When Andy's school announces a new no-uniform policy, her classmates are over the moon - but her heart sinks. All she wants is to dress like everyone else, but her mum's the owner of a run-down kooky vintage boutique, so she's bound to look - well - different. But when Andy finds a gorgeous bag full of designer goodies in the shop's storeroom, everything changes. Can she learn to love vintage, and help transform her mum's shop into something truly special?



Most school children would relish the opportunity to wear their own clothes to school instead of a uniform, but not Andy. Andy's Mum runs 'Eliza's Emporium', a cramped, dingy and distinctly uncool (in Andy's opinion anyway) vintage clothes shop at the dodgy end of the high street and Andy's entire wardrobe is made up of its cast-offs. When the school announces a non-uniform policy at school, Andy's worst nightmare is realised but this decision sparks a number of changes which may just alter her life for the better. The Polka Dot Shop is a charming read about family, friendship, romance and fashion. While light-hearted, it also introduces the reader to some tougher themes, discussing disability, mental health, body image and touching on family issues. The novel also has a spirit of entrepreneurialism and respect for the abilities of the younger generation that readers of any age will find very refreshing. A delightful read for girls aged 8-12, particularly those who favour realistic stories. 224 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Rhiannon Cook, school librarian.

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