The White Tower

The White Tower

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Cathryn Constable



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Chicken House Ltd




Paperback / softback




When Livy's accepted at Temple College, a school for the very brightest, no one is more surprised than her, though she has always felt different. Recently, Livy's been drawn to the roof, where, among its towering stone angels, she has the strangest desire to fly. But her behaviour is noticed by others, for whom the ability to defy gravity is a possible reality ... one that they'll stop at nothing to use for their own ends.



When her father gets his dream job as librarian at Temple College, Livy finds herself struggling to fit in. Still lost in the grief of her best friend's death, the prestigious school and its elite students are completely alien to her. Drawn to the roof and the mysterious Sentinels, huge statues lining it, Livy becomes obsessed with a strange desire to fly. Mystery surrounds events in the past of the college and Livy becomes sucked into the secrets and lives of others as she comes to terms with her loss. Original and beautifully written, The White Tower is about feelings of loss and self discovery. The story opens with Livy trying to fulfil her promise to her best friend, Mahalia. Her sense of loss and lonliness is vividly portrayed and only the hardest heart could fail to feel for her. As her story develops, she is shown to be vulnerable, yet resourceful, loyal and brave. Catheryn Constable skillfully brings Livy's world to life, describing Temple College with an eye for detail and a richness of language which is so appealing. The old-fashioned institution, the sense of mystery and magic, the atmosphere of anticipation all combine perfectly to make this a charming read. 272 pages / Ages 10+ / Reviewed by Sue Wilsher, teacher.

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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