Tilda Tries Again: A Big Bright Feelings Book

Tilda Tries Again: A Big Bright Feelings Book

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Tom Percival


Personal Growth

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Bloomsbury Publishing PLC




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Be open, be honest, be you! Big Bright Feelings for little people.  Tilda's world is just as she likes it . . . until one day, it turns completely UPSIDE DOWN. All of a sudden, everything is topsy-turvy, and nothing feels right. Things that were once easy now seem incredibly challenging. Can Tilda discover a new way to approach her problems and believe in herself?

Bold, bright and empowering, this is an inspiring story about coping with difficult situations. It's the ideal book for helping children to build resilience and embrace a 'can do' approach to life. Tom Percival's Big Bright Feelings series is the perfect springboard for conversations about mental and emotional health, positive self-image, building self-confidence and managing feelings. Every child's bookshelf should contain his books.

Q&A with Tom Percival



Tilda Tries Again is the latest release from Tom Percival's 'Big Bright Feelings' collection of books. In this picture book, we follow a young girl called Tilda as she happily enjoys life in her world. Her world is full of friends, books and toys…in fact it is perfect in her eyes. Tilda takes great comfort in knowing her world inside out, knowing where everything is and knowing what to expect…it could be said that she is a creature of habit - a trait that many readers, and young children, will relate to.

However, Tilda's happy nature is soon dealt a massive blow as her world is turned upside down. Things that once seemed easy, now feel difficult. Things like playing with her friends, reading her books and creating games with her toys now all seem too hard - to the point where Tilda stops trying and just gives up. Her once colourful and vibrant world is now awash with darkness and gloom to reflect Tilda's own mood. Then one day, within the gloom, Tilda spots a ladybird stuck on its back. She creeps closer to observe the ladybird wriggle and struggle but, alas, it seemed that just like Tilda, the ladybird was going to find it just too hard. However, just at the moment where Tilda's heart begins to sink to its lowest point, the ladybird tries again. With one final wriggle, the brave bug rolls itself over and flies away. In awe of the brave ladybird's never give up attitude, Tilda finds herself trying things once more and soon discovers that the more she tries, the more she can do. Soon books are being read, toys are being played with and her friends…well soon Tilda's world is once again full of laughter and fun…all because Tilda learnt a valuable lesson; if at first you don't succeed, try again.

Tom Percival, as expected, has created a positive and inspiring story about dealing with challenging situations and believing in yourself. This book is the ideal pathway into conversations about resilience and I can already foresee it being the front of circle times within my Y1 classroom….especially within the first weeks of the new school year. I also found it an excellent read with my 5yo son, who struggles with resilience. Reading about Tilda in a book allowed for a new viewpoint rather than the same reassurances from mum and dad. As with all the other books in the series, Tilda Tries Again is the perfect addition to all primary school libraries and book corners and can be woven into the curriculum with great ease.

Picture book / Reviewed by Kyle Matravers, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


Tilda's world is just the way she likes it, until everything is turned upside down. Nothing feels right anymore and things that were easy to do now seem impossible. How can Tilda find a way to move on through the topsy-turvy world she now finds herself in?

Another terrific book from Tom that helps children to understand, identify and cope with big feelings. The beautifully told story about a little girl who has her world turned upside down is very relatable, and as we aren't told why, makes it easy for children to insert their own worries into Tilda's story. Shadow, light and bright bursts of colour help to show the changing emotions as Tilda finds a way to cope and move forward with hope in her heart and a big hug from Mum.

With many of our children having had their daily lives turned upside down through lockdowns and school bubble closures, Tilda Tries Again is perfect for helping children to understand the positive power of resilience and a 'can do' attitude, no matter how hard an activity might seem, whether making friends, trying something new or tackling a task in class that may initially seem too hard.

Perfect for opening conversations with children, Tilda (and other books in Tom's Big Bright Feelings series) can allow children to see that they aren't alone in their feelings, find a way to work through them and build self-esteem and empathy. A must for all schools.

Picture book / Reviewed by Nicola Cleveland, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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