Tummy Time: Farm

Tummy Time: Farm

By Author / Illustrator

Louise Lockhart, Kristin Atherton


Baby & Toddler Books


Nosy Crow Ltd




Board book




Make tummy time extra fun for little ones with this fold-out concertina book with a mirror!  Say hello to the animals with a busy farm scene on one side and friendly animal faces and a mirror for babies to see themselves on the other.

This dazzling board book is designed with tummy time in mind - a gentle exercise where a baby lies on their front to help strengthen their muscles and improve their head control. The fold-out format allows the book to be spread out in-front of a baby, while the bold colours stimulate their developing eyesight.

With bright, jaunty artwork from Louise Lockhart - the widely-known illustrator behind The Printed Peanut online shop - this delightful new series will captivate even the wriggliest of babies.



Tummy Time: Farm is an interesting mixture between a book and a toy for tummy time! This book can be read as a normal story but can also be folded out to create a mat for babies to enjoy looking at during tummy time. On one side, there are lots of farmyard animals to explore with pictures of them on the farm and the sounds they make. The pictures are quite busy but that may give babies more to explore during tummy time. On the other side, there are some bigger, simpler pictures of each animal. There's also a mirror at the end of the book which always seems to be a hit! It could be improved with some flaps to open or some other textures to explore.

14 pages / Reviewed by Lucy Hopkins

Suggested Reading Age 0+


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