We Planted a Pumpkin

We Planted a Pumpkin

By Author / Illustrator

Rob Ramsden


Picture Books

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Follow the journey of a tiny seed to a big, fat, orange pumpkin! Will the pumpkin be ready in time for Halloween?

As the children are seen tending to their plant, we explore their emotions: enthusiasm, anxiety, joy and a finally a sense of achievement. This book shares with young readers the delight of working with nature, and shows the need to be patient; it delights in the anticipation every child feels while preparing for Halloween.

'Perfect for encouraging little ones to find their green fingers, get their knees muddy and have a wonderful time.' North Somerset Book Award Blog Review.  'Conveys its crucial environmental message without a hint of preachiness.' - Books for Keeps



We Planted a Pumpkin is a book about preparing for Halloween but it is not strictly to be read only on Halloween. This hardback book is presented with a woven material on its covers with 3D elements added to the word 'pumpkin' and its corresponding image.

It is the third in a collection of stories by Rob Ramsden, companion to I Saw a Bee and We Found a Seed, where he encourages children to connect with and appreciate the natural world. We feel Rob's passion for gardening and protecting our world as we read this book and enjoy his colourful, vibrant illustrations.

My class of reception children enjoyed this story from the very beginning as we were presented with the illustration of two excited children and a fresh pack of pumpkin seeds. We learn how to grow a pumpkin as we watch the children plant it in the ground and feel their elation as two leaves sprout up.

We follow the roller-coaster ride that comes with planting a pumpkin... Will it grow in time for Halloween? Why is it green? We read on in anticipation, hoping that these two children will have an orange pumpkin to carve in time for Halloween. This book is extremely valuable in teaching the need to be patient. It reminds me of the saying, 'Good things come to those who wait'.

Alongside the limited, simple rhythmic text, the illustrations in this story speak a thousand words. You will be eager to become a green finger gardener after reading this book and will most definitely be inspired to grow your own pumpkin.

Picture book / Reviewed by Jessica Bunney, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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