Which Food Will You Choose?

Which Food Will You Choose?

By Author / Illustrator

Claire Potter, Ailie Busby


Picture Books

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Bloomsbury Publishing PLC




Paperback / softback




Discussion & Activities Pack

An ingenious and entertaining picture book to entice your little fussy eater to look beyond 'beige' and explore a whole new colourful world of food! Mummy's in a bad mood. She's fed up of food like chicken nuggets, pasta, chips, cereal and crisps. Then she has an idea! She's going to take her children to the supermarket to play a game! On Monday she tells them to choose three RED foods, on Tuesday three YELLOW foods, on Wednesday three GREEN foods... Look at all the foods there are to choose from! Which three foods would YOU choose? And how would YOU eat them?!

Enjoy the story together and then take your child to the supermarket to play the game in real life! Recommended by paediatric dietitians to help with fussy eating, it's a fun and effective way to coax your child out of their comfort zone around food and encourage them to go for something new and different! From Claire Potter, the best-selling author of Getting the Little Blighters to Eat, and with gorgeous illustrations from Ailie Busby.



Mum is bored of 'beige', she looks in the fridge and all she sees is beige! So off to the supermarket they go with a different colour challenge everyday - red foods, yellow foods, purple... which three will they choose?

Written by Claire Potter, this is an absolutely brilliant book for exploring food with children; the illustrations are charming and make it easy to identify the foods. Then seeing what the children in the story do with the items they choose is exciting too, and could encourage the most reluctant of eaters to try new foods. There's a useful page at the back for 'How to get the most out of the book' that is full of tips for having healthy, non-pressured discussions with children about food.

This book is great for at home or at school; I've enjoyed naming the foods and discussing them with my toddler and I could see the scope of activities at school - particularly with Early Years and Key Stage 1. There are clear links to healthy eating, DT and science.

Picture book / Ages 2+ / Reviewed by Lizi Backhouse, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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