Whisper on the Wind

Whisper on the Wind

By Author / Illustrator

Claire Saxby, Jess Racklyeft


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This is the wind
that carries the whisper
from Ren's dream.

This is the sailor,
long at sea,
who catches it.

The multi-award-winning duo behind Iceberg returns! With its lyrical, cumulative text and whimsical, richly imagined artwork, Whisper on the Wind is a celebration of the wonders of the ocean and the power of love to find us - wherever we are.



Whisper on the Wind is an extraordinarily beautiful picture book by an award winning team. In the night Ren dreams and sends a wish across the sea. We follow the journey of the whispered wish in a cumulative text until the wish is granted.

The text is almost a poem, adding each time in a way that children will love and be able to start to join in. "This is the wind that carries the whisper from Ren's dream. These are the waves that dance in the breeze that carries the whisper from Ren's dream." It is also a fantastic book for using language and extending vocabulary.

The illustrations are gorgeous and show the sea in all its power and beauty and include some wonderful magical scenes with mermaids and a giant octopus, as well as the more prosaic. The ending is lovely and satisfying and will reassure children that parents do return and separation is not permanent when they go to work each day. The use of colour and humour alongside a reassuring story will make this a very attractive read for both children and adults.

Picture book / Reviewed by Jacqueline Harris, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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