Zebra Won't Wear Spots

Zebra Won't Wear Spots

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Mr Noodle Juice, Griff



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Join Zebra and her friends on a particularly spotty adventure. If she's not dripping wet or very chilly, then she's feeling left out or being rather rude. Energetic rhyming text will delight young children who will love the colourful characters and laugh out loud at the ending of the book!

Will Zebra ever learn to love spots? It's hard to always have good manners and even adults sometimes struggle... These board books show young children that good manners make the world a much nicer place. Using friendly animal characters to explore different elements of etiquette, each book explains a specific area of manners to help little people realise that life is easier when we're all being polite!



Zebra Won't Wear Spots is a hilarious tale of Zebra, who.. (unsurprisingly!) doesn't do spots! From spotty clothes and towels to spotty games, Zebra just isn't interested and avoids them at all costs. Until.. Spots get her and they can't be avoided!

This is a great story for little children navigating their own likes and dislikes, and showing how sometimes you just have to accept and tolerate these things. The bold, cartoon styled illustrations are appealing to young children and add a great focus for discussion to deepen the understanding of the story. Being a board book it is also strong enough for little fingers to begin independently turning the pages and building up essential reading habits.

Board book / Reviewed by Maria, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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