A mythical land with a terrible curse

Posted on Thursday, September 8, 2022
Category: Video/Vlog

Catherine Doyle introduces The Lost Girl King, a fabulous adventure that draws on Irish mythology and stories from her childhood.

Catherine Doyle's new adventure takes us to Tír na nÓg, a magical land from Irish mythology, where siblings Amy and Liam discover a terrible curse that threatens to change it forever. Catherine tells us how her Irish roots helped inspire the story, and about the legends and mythical creatures that inhabit this adventure.

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Amy and Liam Bell have been packed off to stay at Gran's house in the wilds of Connemara for the summer. Out for a walk on the first morning of their holiday, they trace the flight of a hawk to a nearby waterfall - only to watch the bird disappear through it. Intrigued, the children follow and soon realise they've discovered the entrance to Tir na nOg, the legendary land of eternal youth.  But they've been tricked. Almost immediately, Liam is captured by a troop of headless horsemen who take him to Tarlock, the ruling sorcerer of Tir na nOg, who is seeking the bones of a human child for a sinister new spell...