A spectacular adventure set in Nigeria

Posted on Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Category: Video/Vlog

Efua Traoré introduces Children of the Quicksands, a spectacular adventure drawing on Nigerian mythology

Travel to a land of myths and unexplained happenings in this dramatic adventure by Nigerian / German author Efua Traoré. Discover how Efua's own childhood adventures helped inspire the story!

Efua says, "Children of the Quicksands is a magical adventure story set in Nigeria. Simi, a 13 year old city girl, is sent to a remote village where there's no TV or phone network or even electricity, to stay with her grandmother whom she has never met.

"Her witchlike grandmother seems to be more than just the healer and dispenser of advice for the villagers. Like Simi's mum, she is tight-lipped about the past but Simi knows something happened in the past that caused her Mum and grandma to quarrel and she is determined to unravel the family secret.

"Simi soon finds herself steeped in myths, legends and superstitions. But her real adventure begins when she strays into the forest to a forbidden lake and suddenly finds herself sinking into quicksand."