Bite Risk - The new horror story by SJ Wills

Posted on Friday, July 7, 2023
Category: Video/Vlog

Here is author SJ Wills introducing Bite Risk, the novel everyone is talking about ....Find out what inspired her to write the book, what to expect in Bite Risk, and listen to a short reading from the chilling start to the novel... if you're feeling brave!

Read a Chapter from Bite Risk

More about Bite Risk   (Simon & Schuster):  When everyone's a vicious beast, it's hard to spot the monsters . . . 

Bite Risk is the first book in S. J. Wills' blockbuster teen horror series... Sel Archer lives in a normal town with normal residents, except for one night a month . . . When the full moon comes out, almost all of the adults turn into werewolves, and it's up to the young people to protect themselves from danger. 

But, as this quiet life begins to unravel, and the Turned start to escape, can Sel and his friends uncover exactly who – or what – is watching their every move, before it's too late? 

Welcome, to the TOWN OF THE TURNED... perfect for fans of Stranger Things, Fear Street and Skulduggery Pleasant.