Calling out racism

Posted on Monday, August 7, 2023
Category: Authors Q&As

Have you seen people being bullied because of their race?  Have you wondered what you can do to help, or have you been bullied yourself?  

Author and campaigner Yassmin Abdel-Magied tells us about how young people from all over the world helped give her the questions she answers in this book, and about how the answers you will find to help you Stand Up and Speak Out Against Racism.

Stand Up and Speak Out Against Racism  (Walker Books) answers the kinds of questions you might have about racism, from why it exists to how we might internalise it, and what we can all do to speak out against it. It's a book that gives answers to questions you didn't know you had, and it will equip all readers - young and old - to help call out and address the problems racism causes in our societies.  Find out more in this Q&A with Yassmin.