Dare you enter the Hollow Hills...?

Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2023
Category: Video/Vlog

Author Anna Kemp introduces The Hollow Hills, the sequel to her dark magical tale, Into Goblyn Wood.

If you think that all fairy creatures are happy, a little mischievous, and want to do good, then look away now - the fae in The Hollow Hills are a much darker breed, and in this story, are on a quest for power, and magic, even if it's not their own...

Anna Kemp tells us about the old stories of dark fairies and mischievous magic that inspired her novel, Into Goblyn Woods, and introduces its sequel, The Hollow Hills, with a short reading from the book. 

More about The Hollow Hills:  Nobody knows what lies inside the Knoll nor what form the Fae have taken after all these years . . . dare to face the unknown and rescue Goblyn Wood. Are you ready to enter the Hollow Hills . . . ?