Friends and family in a divided country

Posted on Friday, June 3, 2022
Category: Video/Vlog

"Truth Be Told is about truth, forgiveness and the stories that do not fit. Up front, it's the story of two sixteen-year-old girls, Tara and Faith - imagine 'Parent Trap meets Derry Girls'."

Author of the Carnegie-nominated Guard Your Heart, Sue Divin's new book, Truth be Told, returns to contemporary Ireland with a story about families and a divided country. When Tara and Faith meet across the divide, and realise they look identical to each other, they start to uncover secrets buried in a tragic past. In this video, author Sue Divin tells us more about Truth be Told, and what brought her into writing for young people.

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Q&A with Sue Divin

"I wear two 'hats'. I'm a writer and a peace worker. There are a great number of stories across the world set in war. There are fewer stories set around peace-building and how to navigate the legacies of violent conflict or pick up the pieces afterwards.

"On the cover of Guard Your Heart there is a question posed - What if peace is harder than war? That, right there, the complexity of peace, the courage of leadership and risk taking it requires, the compromise, forgiveness, listening and determination it takes, is the nugget of something universal that we need to hear more about from diverse perspectives. I believe that storytelling can be part of this. Fiction is a powerful tool for empathy and empathy is a powerful tool for peace."