Introducing Great Britons: 50 Amazing People Who Have Called Britain Home

Posted on Tuesday, November 9, 2021
Category: Author Videos

Great Britons: 50 Amazing People Who Have Called Britain Home celebrates 50 people who were born in Britain or made it their home, and who helped change the world for the better. Within the collection are writers, scientists, artists, sports people, musicians and campaigners, many of whom overcame great odds to make significant changes or endeavours.

In this video, author Imogen Russell Williams tells us more about the book and shares a section about Beatrix Potter and her achievements.

You can also download an extract from Great Britons: 50 Amazing People Who Have Called Britain Home


Throughout the centuries, the history of this small island nation has been shaped by the people who were born in Britain or arrived on its shores. From early Britons to modern pioneers, leaders, writers, athletes and activists, this country has contained a wealth of incredible talent, only made 'greater' by our history of immigration, integration and innovation.

This beautiful large-format gift hardback features stunning full-colour artwork throughout. Each page spread is devoted to a tale of an incredible Briton, told by talented writer and children's book critic Imogen Russell Williams and brought to life by Sara Mulvanny's vivid illustration.

Discover the enthralling and diverse stories of 50 brilliant Britons through the ages, from the warrior queen Boudicca of early Britain, who rose in revolt against the Romans, to activist Malala Yousafzai, who fights for every girl's right to an education today. The gripping tales include key figures from all areas of British life - science, medicine, entertainment, sports, activism and more.

Featuring the inspirational lives and achievements of amazing people such as Florence Nightingale, Alan Turing, Mary Prince, Stormzy, Charles Darwin and Noor Inayat Khan, Great Britons is not only a celebration of our history as an island, but also as part of a far larger and greater world.