Jeanne Willis introduces The Bear Who Had Nothing to Wear

Posted on Wednesday, July 12, 2023
Category: Author Videos

Jeanne Willis's gorgeous Bear is happy to be dressed by his owner - but not all bears feel the same; some bears need a little longer to decide who they want to be. Jeanne Willis introduces her new picture book, The Bear Who Had Nothing to Wear, about a bear who can't decide what it wants to wear, or who it wants to be...

In The Bear who had Nothing to Wear, 'Albie arrived wearing NOTHING but fur, he could have been either a Him or Her...  Most teddy bears let their owner decide, but Albie would not, for a bear has its pride.'  But each outfit that Albie purchases - from fairy to pirate, from cowboy to elegant city gent - proves unsuitable in some way, and by the end of the week his bedroom is heaped with discarded clothes. How will he dress in order to feel like himself?  This is a hilarious story in verse that's great to read aloud, about dressing up and one bear's search for his own identity.

Read an extract from The Bear Who Had Nothing to Wear