The Bear who had Nothing to Wear

The Bear who had Nothing to Wear

By Author / Illustrator

Jeanne Willis


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Albie arrived wearing NOTHING but fur, he could have been either a Him or Her...  Most teddy bears let their owner decide, but Albie would not, for a bear has its pride.  But each outfit that Albie purchases - from fairy to pirate, from cowboy to elegant city gent - proves unsuitable in some way, and by the end of the week his bedroom is heaped with discarded clothes. How will he dress in order to feel like himself?

A hilarious story in verse that's great to read aloud, about dressing up and one bear's search for his own identity.

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Award-winning writer Jeanne Willis is on top form in this tale of Albie the bear. Her charming use of rhyme makes The Bear Who Had Nothing To Wear a wonderful book to share and read aloud, whilst Brian Fitzgerald's colourful illustrations capture Albie's changeable personality perfectly.

Clothes-conscious Albie is determined to find the outfit that suits how he feels. But every day that is different; one day he wants to be a prince, and the next a Fairy Queen. He tries on and then discards more and more outfits until, after a particularly nasty incident, the truth finally dawns. When he is finally back to wearing his fur and his hat, he is free to be entirely himself.

This is a lovely book with a great message about finding your own identity and choosing for yourself how you present to the world. In school or nursery, this would be a fantastic way to start conversations about identity and how we view others. Does what you wear change who you are?

Picture book / Reviewed by Amanda Shipton, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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