Meet a small mouse, called Clementine

Posted on Friday, September 16, 2022
Category: Authors Q&As

Author Carlie Sorosiak introduces Always, Clementine, about a small mouse with a big heart.

Imagine what a very small, very intelligent lab mouse might think about their life.... In Carlie Sorosiak's Always, Clementine, we meet a former lab mouse, Clementine, and discover what happens when she is set free - but also parted from her best friend, and what she'll do to get her friend back.

The story explores the world through the eyes of a small but hugely intelligent mouse, as well as friendship and communities. Author Carlie Sorosiak tells us more.

Download a chapter from Always, Clementine

A funny, wise and heartwarming story, with a truly one-of-a-kind hero, from the author of the highly-acclaimed I, Cosmo and My Life as a Cat.

"I am an optimist. A very difficult thing to be, sometimes, at three inches tall."   Clementine is a genius. She can calculate pi to 69,689 places, remembers the exact moment she was born, and dreams in Latin.   She's also a mouse.   And when she escapes from the lab which has bred her, Clementine discovers that it's not enough to be the smartest mouse in history if she wants to survive in the real world - especially while the scientists who kept her are trying to recover their prize specimen. So, together with her new human friends, Clementine must find a way to earn her freedom - for good.