Sue Wallman introduces Every Word a Lie

Posted on Friday, August 18, 2023
Category: Authors Q&As

Award-winning author Sue Wallman answers questions from students Amelia  Aminah  Madeeha and Zaynah (Years 9 and 10) from the Sarah Bonnell School in London about her new book, Every Word a Lie (Scholastic), and talks about the book's themes including catfishing, the real life examples that helped inspire it, and how her characters develop during the book.

Every Word a Lie tells a nail-biting story of a catfishing prank that gets out of control ... and gets deadly. Two friends, Amy and Stan, plan revenge on their prankster friend Hollie by catfishing her as her crush. They only mean to do it for a day or two - but then Hollie ends up dead.  As the catfish continues to strike others, Amy needs to find out: who is really in control of the catfish? Can she trust anyone? And is she the killer's next target?

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Sue Wallman is the author of books such as I Know You Did It, Such a Good Liar and Lying About Last Summer.