The Adventures of Billy Shaman

Posted on Monday, May 22, 2023
Category: Authors Q&As

Author Roland Chambers introduces The Rage of the Sea Witch, the first in the new Billy Shaman adventures, and reads a short section from the book.

In Roland Chambers' The Rage of the Sea Witch, Billy meets and befriends Darwin, a 200-year-old giant tortoise that Charles Darwin brought back from the Galapagos Islands. Billy has to spend a summer holiday at the museum, while his explorer parents disappear on their own adventures, and his new friendship with Darwin helps him learn more about the museum and its past.

Billy then discovers that the objects in the museum can actually transport him into the past - and into some incredible adventures, meeting adventurers and explorers from the past, and enabling him to return stolen artifacts to their rightful owners.  This is just the start of Billy Shaman's adventures!

Download a chapter from The Rage of the Sea Witch (The Adventures of Billy Shaman)

Q&A with Roland Chambers