The games we play....

Posted on Friday, June 3, 2022
Category: Video/Vlog

Tracey Darnton's psychological thriller explores what happens when a game of hide and seek goes wrong... and one of the group vanishes.

Tracy Darnton's new tense YA page-turner, Ready Or Not, follows a group of teenagers meeting for the first time since one of the group went missing last summer.

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Shared family holidays at Creek House have been the backdrop to Millie's summers since forever. Hanging out with the other kids - Matt, Charlie, Jem and her best friend Kat - has made it her favourite time of the year.
But this holiday things are different - the childhood games that once filled their days have lost their appeal to everyone except Millie. It's not until the final night that the others agree to a game of hide and seek. But in the time it takes Millie to count to twenty, Kat vanishes.

One year on, and struggling to come to terms with the events of last summer, Millie persuades the others to return to Creek House. It's meant to give them closure, but it could be a chance to find out what happened. After all, people don't just disappear, do they?

A tightly plotted thriller, perfect for fans of Karen McManus, Holly Jackson, The Great Godden and We Were Liars.