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Lisa Moss and Dr Thomas Bernard

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Lillicorn is a character who explores the fantasy place of WooWoo land. As she explores this magical place, she is faced with lots of challenges to solve. If you are looking for a way to engage young children with STEM activities (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), this could be the perfect way in for you. The book follows Lillicorn as she travels on her adventure through WooWoo land and comes across ten different quests. At the back of the book there are pop out arrows and numbers to help with the challenges, as well as charm tokens. These are great as they are made of quite chunky card and can be 'popped out' and kept by the child as a reward/incentive for completing each task. Each challenge is set in the story with context around why Lillicorn must solve it. By approaching these challenges in a story context, children may gain a clearer understanding and generally enjoy them more, meaning they will be more engaged. Challenges include activities such as making patterns using colours, using arrows to give commands (forwards, backwards, left and right), ordering instructions and many more! There is also a helpful glossary at the back of the book to help to explain some of the more difficult language to a child. I'd recommend this book to children towards the end of KS1 and the beginning of KS2 who are beginning to show an interest in STEM subjects. Reviewed by Lucy Newton, Teacher / Activity Book / Ages 7+