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    Robin Hood - Piracy, Paintballs and Zebras (Joanna)

    Thrilling, fast paced and a real page turner; Robin Hoods adventures are a huge success with my teen readers. The sequel to the best selling Robin Hood - H...

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    Robin Hood: Piracy, Paintballs & Zebras (Julie)

    I was so looking forward to reading the second instalment of Robert Muchamore's dystopian Robin Hood series, and this book certainly did not disappoint. I fo...

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    Robin Hood 2: Piracy, Paintballs & Zebras

    Robin Hood lives...When Clare Gisborne and Little John return to school after the Locksley Riot, there's rebellion in the air ...

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    Robert Muchamore

    Robert Muchamore is rewriting Robin Hood for the 21st century. Here he introduces the latest book, Robin Hood:  Piracy, Paintballs & Zebras.