A Midsummer Night's Drama: A book at bedtime for little bards!

A Midsummer Night's Drama: A book at bedtime for little bards!

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Louie Stowell, Isobel Lundie


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Bill the Bear lives with his friends in the woods and writes brilliant plays for The Glade Theatre. His latest play is a huge success, but then the problems start . . .  Parents everywhere will recognise the drama of getting an over-excited little bear off to dreamland.  A bedtime book for little bards!



Have you ever struggled falling asleep? Meet Bill, his head is so full of ideas it stops him sleeping. This would be fine but Bill is keeping his friends awake. All Bill's friends give him different ideas to help him sleep but none work until Sir Bun Bun thinks carefully and helps Bill by getting him to do what he loves doing... pretending.

A Midsummer Night's Drama is a fun-filled book with a nod to William Shakespeare. The illustrations are extremely detailed and will keep children amused for hour as each time the pick up the book they will notice something new. A good book for any child's bookshelf. A perfect bedtime story.

Picture book / Reviewed by Jen Bevan

Suggested Reading Age 3+


A Midsummer Night's Drama is a beautiful bedtime story for little bards which tackles the tricky problem of getting to sleep! The book is split into three acts and follows Bill the bear who has written a new play. After a very successful opening night, Bill is too excited to get to sleep. His friends try to help him drift off and suggest ways he could try to get to sleep. In the end a clever game by Sir Bun Bun works, and Bill is finally able to get some rest.

We've loved reading this book, it has lovely illustrations and its clever use of words hint at its Shakespearean background. There is a great part at the end of the book which looks at William Shakespeare and gives a bit of information about him and his work.

Picture book / Reviewed by Joanne Thomas

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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