ABZZz...: A Bedtime Alphabet

ABZZz...: A Bedtime Alphabet

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Isabel Minhos Martins, Yara Kono



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Thames & Hudson Ltd








Some children fight sleep with all their might. And we can see why - it is so exciting to be awake! But nobody can live without sleep, which is why we've created this bedtime ABC, a book with the power to have everyone nodding off long before the alphabet ends. It never fails. Some people begin to yawn by the letter `B'; others go out like a light at `P'. Almost all arrive at the `S' page already snoring. Even the title of the book fell asleep.



An alphabet story book with a difference. Each letter is simply and creatively illustrated to capture any young reader's attention and with each letter, the reader will find simple statements, captions or questions around sleep. Whether it is learning about hibernation, or how many days leopards sleep for or simply the meaning of a new word, like 'vacant'. Children will learn as they share this picture book and with the visual stories that go with each letter, it is sure to embed alphabet learning well, making this a great book to share at home before bedtime or in a classroom. Children could develop their own alphabet story frieze for the classroom, stimulated by the ideas found in this book. A great book for early readers, but one that parents will also enjoy as a ploy to get their children to sleep. Picture book / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Louise Gahan, teacher.

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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