Bertha and Blink: Rumble in the Jungle

Bertha and Blink: Rumble in the Jungle

By Author / Illustrator

Nicola Colton



Age range(s)



Little Tiger




Paperback / softback




Join Bertha and Blink on an adventure full of friendship, with a sprinkling of science and a nod to nature. The perfect new series for fun-loving readers!

When a rumble in the jungle disturbs super-star inventor Bertha's work, she has to leave her peaceful home and investigate. To help her, she creates Blink - an excitable robo-bird sidekick who can't wait to explore! How will the unlikely pair cope in the wilderness? And will they be able to discover the secret behind the strange noises?



Bertha and Blink: Rumble in the Jungle is the first book in an exciting new series and both myself, and my 8-year-old daughter really enjoyed reading it.

We meet Bertha the bear who is an inspiring inventor but has moved far away to live in solitude after a disagreement with her tiger friend. High up in the jungle canopy, no one can steal her inventions. However, loud and unusual noises from the trees disturb Bertha's creative flow and she becomes curious as to what is making the racket. She makes Blink' a very excited, mechanical, robot bird who asks loads of questions and helps Bertha leave her home to explore.

The book ends on a cliff-hanger, which has us sitting on the edge of our seat for the sequel! The illustrations make this book come alive! They are absolutely incredible, jam-packed with detail and humour, with many speech bubbles and a beautiful colour pallet. It is these illustrations that make this book so engaging and we found it very difficult to put down. So much so, we read the full story in just two sittings! We took it in turns to read a page each, and although the amount of text is quite minimal, the vocabulary is extensive, which made it great for my daughter.

As a teacher, I am very much looking forward to using this book with primary children aged five years plus. It is going to be perfect for using when teaching about character personalities, the different ways to show direct speech and the power of intricate illustrations. I can't wait to use the visualiser to show the pictures full screen on the board. I have no doubt they will help generate rich book talk and the pupils will love it.

We highly recommend this delightful, funny story which had us laughing out loud many times.

96 pages / Reviewed by Jemma Jeffrey, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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