Albert and the Wind

Albert and the Wind

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Ian Brown, Eoin Clarke


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Pet tortoise Albert is having a bad day. His sleep is disturbed by the wind in the trees and then, as he goes to tuck into his food, the wind blows it away. Can the other garden creatures rally round and help Albert retrieve his meal? And will Albert be able to thank them all properly?

Comical, charming illustrations with a classic feel bring this timeless tale to life, revealing the importance of helping others and showing gratitude for that help. Also included – fascinating facts about the real tortoise called Albert who inspired this story, a modern day minidinosaur living life on the veg!



Albert and the Wind is a funny tale about a group of animals that work together to solve a problem. It teaches key social skills using a humorous and slightly revolting (children will love it!) story.

Albert is woken by the wind. Hungry, he sets off to find the food that has been left out for him. As he opens his mouth to take a big, snapping bite, there is nothing there! A gust of wind has blown it away. Albert sets off to find his food. A bee, Spider, Snail, Worm all find pieces of food and return them to Albert to sit on but leave before he can say what he wants to. As word spreads about the missing food, all the creatures from the garden join in with the search for food and soon Albert is reunited with his food. At last, when all the food is returned, and Albert is sat on a very tall pile of food he finally has the chance to say what he wanted to. But now he has another problem. How can he get his message to all the creatures when some are high, some low, some flying and some in bushes? Albert's tummy gurgles and gives him an idea...

Proving that collaboration, creativeness, determination and being resourceful are key to solving a problem, this is an ideal text to use to teach and demonstrate these skills to children. With links to DT; planning and making an alternate meal for Albert, Science; food chains, growing, diet and PSHE, this is a valuable resource to have in the classroom.

Picture book / Reviewed by Maria Faithorn, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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