Attack of the Giant Sea Spiders

Attack of the Giant Sea Spiders

By Author / Illustrator

Gareth P. Jones



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Little Tiger Press Group




Paperback / softback




Wanted: Dead or Alive! (Or smashed into little bits and delivered in boxes.)The Steampunk Pirates jump at the chance to earn a handsome reward in return for doing some snooping. But when they find themselves sandwiched between the Dread Captain Inky beard and a spider on the attack, it's time to beat a retreat. Can they escape without a scrape or have the robotic rebels ticked their last?This hilarious new series from Gareth P. Jones, author of Ninja Meerkats, is sure to delight young readers with its madcap humour and larger-than-life robot pirate crew.



Ahoy, shipmates! Once again we set sail with those swashbuckling steam-power ragamuffins. All aboard for another rip-roaring adventure! The Steampunk Pirates once again live up to their names and their chosen profession. Pirates by their definition are not the most well-behaved group, and the Steampunk bunch can't seem to stop getting into trouble, but those they are up against are much more dastardly, so the Pirates are still the good guys of the story Mr Jones has once again written a riveting story that educates and entertains. Each character has their own clear voice (and some very strange habits: keeping a squid on your head?!?!?), so it's easy to pick out a favourite. This book follows on from the first, so it could be a bit confusing if read out of order. From the ending, it's clear that there are going to be more to come, so isn't really for those who don't like reading books in a series. Oh, and if a fear of spiders puts you off, don't worry; it all comes good in the end! I would give this book a glittery 4 out of 5 golden doubloons and I would recommend it to children aged 7 to 9.

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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