Be Wild, Little One

Be Wild, Little One

By Author / Illustrator

Olivia Hope, Daniel Egneus


Picture Books

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Bloomsbury Publishing PLC








'Wake up early, don't be shy. This bright world can make you FLY . . .' This gorgeous, uplifting picture book celebrates the wildness in all of us, and the beauty of the world all around us. Prepare for a heart-lifting journey through the beauties of nature: from pine forests to awe-inspiring mountains, and from sparkling seas to starry skies, each page is full of wonders. Fly across oceans, run with wolves through the mountain snow, dance with fireflies, and prepare to BE WILD!

With a lyrical text from talented debut author Olivia Hope, and stunning, immersive illustrations by Daniel Egneus, this stand-out book brims with joy and possibility and makes the perfect gift for any little one.

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Be Wild, Little One! What a glorious book this is! The text advises a small child to go outside and 'be wild'. It suggests making the world your playground; climbing trees, swimming in the ocean, chasing storms, digging for treasure... All accompanied by the most gorgeous, richly coloured illustrations of these marvellous games.

The theme of the book is very much about encouraging active and imaginative play outdoors which makes you tired, hot, dirty and immensely satisfied with how you've spent your time by at the end of the day. This book would be perfect for any situation; a lovely birthday present for a 4, 5 or 6 year old or a marvellous addition to a classroom or school library. It encapsulates what we want for all our children- the opportunity to 'be wild'.

Picture book / Reviewed by Wendy Kelly, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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