Brilliant Ideas From Wonderful Women: 15 incredible inventions from inspiring women!

Brilliant Ideas From Wonderful Women: 15 incredible inventions from inspiring women!

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Aitziber Lopez, Luciano Lozano



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Discover the stories behind 15 of the twentieth century's key inventions in this fun and informative treasury of trailblazing women, who each made a unique contribution to the history of science and technology.

Car heaters... Monopoly... Disposable diapers... The dishwasher... Kevlar... Maritime flares... Anti-reflective glass... Wifi... Syringes... Submarine periscopes... Diagnostic tests... Lifeboats... Windshield wipers... Ebooks... What do each of these revolutionary inventions have in common? They were all pioneered by women!

Each brilliant idea is presented with biographical information about the brilliant woman who came up with it, including what inspired them. Learn how Martha Coston disguised herself as a man to contact pyrotechnicians and convince them to manufacture her idea for maritime flares, how a New York tram ride on a wet winter's day led Mary Anderson to invent the windshield wiper and why Letitia Mumford Geer's one-hand operated syringe was a medical breakthrough, among other fascinating facts. Full-page illustrations show the inspiration for and use of these incredible inventions in humorous detail.

From lifeboat-inventor, Maria Beasley, to the grandmother of the ebook, Angela Ruiz Robles, each of the inspiring women in this book achieved their goal of leaving the world a better place than they found it.



This book is a gorgeous collection of 15 stories from 15 inspirational women who changed the world through their inventions. From board games to the first e-book, the collection is full of a range of different inspirational women in History who had some of the biggest and brightest ideas. These ideas have changed how we see and use the world today and a couple make you think, what would we have done without this?! What I liked about this book was that it was different from others that I have seen on the market. The book is based on inventions and ideas women had that changed the world. Every page I found myself saying 'I didn't know that!'. The pages were well laid out and full of information for children. The illustrations were equally as beautiful, with hidden humour, which I liked. Every page was full of facts and information as well a story snippet to put the invention and idea into context. This is a beautiful book to add to any collection and really will be an inspiration to young girls. Picture book / Ages 6+ / Reviewed by Lauren Maidman, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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