Marnie Midnight and the Moon Mystery (Marnie Midnight, Book 1)

Marnie Midnight and the Moon Mystery (Marnie Midnight, Book 1)

By Author / Illustrator

Laura Ellen Anderson



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Paperback / softback




A magical illustrated new young fiction series for children aged 7-9 from best-selling author and illustrator, Laura Ellen Anderson!

Meet Marnie Midnight - a little moth with BIG dreams!  Marnie Midnight is SO excited to be starting at Minibeast Academy. She adores everything about the moon and she can't wait to learn about its magic. But Marnie soon discovers that nobody believes in moon magic anymore!

Marnie is determined to get to the bottom of this moon mystery. The little moth and her minibeast friends explore far and wide in their search for the truth. But will they survive a run-in with a rebellious rat or an out-of-this-world trip with the terrifying Early Bird . . . ? One thing is for sure, Marnie is a little bug having a BIG Adventure!


Jessica - Age 10

I loved this book! I love these types of books and this is a very good book. I won't spoil the ending but the ending is so good! I would recommend this book; if I could I would read this a lot! I like the characters especially Marnie and Milo, he's adorable! In my opinion there is nothing I hate about this book it is a 10/10 book. This is one of my favourite books ever!

224 pages

Suggested Reading Age 7+

Giselle - Age 10

First of all, I want to say that the character designs are amazing and this book is really creative. The illustrations for this book looks like they took so much time and effort and I really enjoyed reading this book. My favourite character would have to be Star because she is a great friend and she definitely shows it on page 95, where she wrote 'MR ATLAS DESERVES A POKE IN THE BUM' and handed it to Marnie to cheer her up. I would say my favourite part of the adventure would be the plot twist at the end. Overall, I find this a really interesting book and suggest it to people who enjoy an adventure.

224 pages

Suggested Reading Age 9+

Summaya - Age 10

I enjoyed this book because it has lots of mysteries and plot twists. For every chapter I read, I felt excited to read the following chapters to find out what will happen. Overall, this book was really enjoyable for me to read and I loved to read it at home.

224 pages

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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