Enzo, The Swallows and Me

Enzo, The Swallows and Me

By Author / Illustrator

Helen Mortimer


Friends and family

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Owlet Press




Paperback / softback




When Jack meets new neighbour, Enzo, from South Africa, they soon discover they love pizza, drones and also have a passion for using technology in birdwatching! As the time comes for their favourite swallows to migrate, Jack discovers then Enzo has to return home. How will they continue their friendship from other sides of the world?



On the face of this story, Enzo, the Swallows and Me is about two friends who manage to stay good friends despite one of them moving back to South Africa. However, on a deeper level there are links with many different themes and school subjects.

There's the PSHE link with making and keeping friends - through having common interests (or pesky big sisters!). There's also a strong geography link with one family emigrating for a father's job, and what happens when that job ends. Finally, there is the animal migration story of the swallows - the thread which keeps the boys tied together, even when they're apart.

So a multiple layered book which could be used across the primary school age range and curriculum. It is a real gem. Perfect for whole school topic days.

Picture book / Reviewed by Sharon Porter, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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