How Many Dinosaurs is Too Many?

How Many Dinosaurs is Too Many?

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Lou Peacock, Nicola Slater, Richard Ayoade


Friends and family

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Nosy Crow




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Meet a riot of cheeky dinosaurs in this adorable story about friendship.

When a dinosaur comes to play, you're sure to have lots of fun. But wouldn't 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . or even 10 dinosaurs be better still? Or would they be too big, too messy and just a little bit too naughty? Perhaps one very special dinosaur is just perfect!


Natalie J

How Many Dinosaurs is too Many? asks the child (gender unspecific) in this vivid and vibrant picture book. When the child gets a real orange, cute, playful dinosaur, they are happy, so happy that they think one is not enough so another dinosaur appears, this time a purple one with flippers. And so it continues until the child, (now with a huge smile) has a rainbow of ten different dinosaurs who go skiing and play football. However, the disruption caused by ten energetic dinosaurs gets too much for the child who decides they actually don't want any.

The humour and energy of the previous pages of ten dinosaurs in bed or the bath contrasts greatly with the despondent child sat on a seesaw alone alongside the words "I'm feeling rather sad". But as they reunite with their original dinosaur, the final page is a sweet cheerful image of them on swings and the words "one dinosaur is perfect! My dinosaur and me".

This engaging counting book is reminiscent of Penny Dale's Dinosaurs series and you and your child reader can play a similar observation game here, as you can with those books, by selecting which is the newest dinosaur. It also reminds me of Julia Donaldson's fable A Squash and a Squeeze with the warning to be careful what you wish for and be satisfied with what you have.

This is a lovely interactive story with a moral but isn't didactic; it has sentiment, humour, and vivacity and is a joy.

Picture book / Reviewed by Natalie J McChrystal Plimmer, librarian

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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