Eureka!: A Big Book of Discoveries

Eureka!: A Big Book of Discoveries

By Author / Illustrator

Wenjia Tang, Jonathan Litton


Non Fiction

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Little Tiger Press Group








Dive into a world of discoveries!  Meet the bright sparks who developed electricity and the scientists who looked to the stars. Marvel at mathematicians and be amazed by archaeologists as you learn about discoveries both old and new in this exciting encyclopaedia of exploration!



Eureka! A Big Book of Discoveries is a big book exploding with interesting facts and discoveries covering a range of topics: history, science, Earth, space and nature, there is something to appeal to everyone. Each section has a double-page spread, complete with stunning illustrations by Wenjia Tang that draws the reader in. Non-fiction in disguise at its best. Each double-page spread is then further divided into more manageable chunks making it the perfect book to dip in and out of, ideal for developing readers and a great support or hook to other subjects in schools. The larger size of this book ensures that it is accessible for all independent readers and lends itself to being poured over and enjoyed together. I would suggest this book to be adult-led with younger children due to the nature of the subject with regards to domain-specific vocabulary but what a great way to entertain, inform and open the gateway of understanding through an immersive book.

72 pages / Reviewed by Kelly Buxton

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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