Feast of the Evernight

Feast of the Evernight

By Author / Illustrator

Ross MacKenzie



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Andersen Press Ltd




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The Evernight has been defeated and the sun has returned, thanks to Larabelle Fox and her friends Joe and Double Eight. White Witches have their souls back and Mrs Hester is no more. It should be a time of celebration and relief. But a new threat is emerging from the mists of the Veil, the dangerous forest that surrounds the Silver Kingdom's southern lands. Mysterious killings are taking place, and Double Eight is the suspect. Lara and Joe journey to Lake End to discover what's really happening, all the while trying to stay one step ahead of the secret police . . .With artwork by Amy Grimes.



This sequel to Evernight certainly doesn't disappoint. Larabelle Fox is back, along with Joe (fellow tosher), Bernie Whitecrow and Double Eight, as well as new intriguing characters such as Ivy and Director Younger. All ended well at the end of the first book; the White Witches got their souls back, and Mrs Hester was no more!

In Feast of the Evernight, mysterious killings are happening at Lake End. The Veil is a forest which surrounds Silver Kingdom's Southern lands and is where the latest killing has happened. It is feared that Double Eight is the only plausible suspect - much to Laura's disbelief. Running parallel to this, is another part of the story where we are introduced to The Witch Hunter, Karl Younger. He is an evil member of the secret police, and loves nothing more than ridding the world of white witches and hags.

Both strands of the story culminate at The Feast of the Evernight - an event planned by the King to remind his people of how amazing he was during the events of the first book - even though, in reality, he ran away to protect himself.

There are many twists and turns throughout the book. Suspense, drama, horror, but friendship and perseverance flow all the way through. An amazing book, yet again, from Ross Mackenzie. He never disappoints.

336 pages / Ages 10+ / Reviewed by Donna Ritchie, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


I loved the first Evernight book – darkness, magic and wonderful heroes and heroines – and soon slipped right back into the enchanting world of The Silver Kingdom.

Larabelle Fox and her trusty friends, Joe and Double Eight have rescued the White Witches and defeated the Evernight. The evil Mrs Hester is just a nasty memory and with Joe and Lara safely ensconced in Westerly Witch, life in the Silver kingdom had settled into a new normality. However, in the far reaches of the kingdom at Lake End, a new and troubling series of disappearances attracts the attention of the High Witch. As the widely ridiculed Silver King seeks to re-assert his authority with a Feast to celebrate the end of the Evernight, the High Witch sends Joe and Lara into the shadowy forests to investigate. With the secret police on their tail and the disturbing thought that Double Eight is at the root of all the troubles, the intrepid duo and their friends Rob and Ivy set out for the tunnels beneath Lake End - and a whole load of trouble.

I love Ross Mackenzie's magical and menacing world. It's a brilliantly imagined battle between good and evil. Although it might be helpful to read Evernight first (and I would certainly recommend it), this second book neatly references the events of the first so that readers have a good idea of the backstory. The bloodthirsty opening chapter is a brilliant opening and gives an idea of the thrilling adventure that lies ahead. Heroes and villains are equally well drawn, with the terrifying and murderous Director Younger being a worthy adversary. Although the ending of the book suggests a fitting conclusion to events, I hope (and I expect many readers will!) that there are further adventures to be had in the Silver Kingdom.

336 pages / Ages 11+ / Reviewed by Clare Wilkins, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 11+


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